SUSTAIN Utility Heated Tactical Vest - Black / Navy


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  • Active Heating: Powered by Japanese carbon fiber heating elements.
  • 2 Stage Temperature Setting: Select your preferred temperature.
  • Auto Shut-off: Foolproof auto shut-off system ensures safety and conserves battery.
  • 3M Thinsulate: Thin, warm and breathable fabric.
  • Machine Washable: Easy to maintain, with ever-lasting effectiveness.
  • Multi-functional storage system: 9 special pockets and 3 storage pouches replace your daypack.
  • Detachable pouch: Carry your valuables with you hands free.
  • MOLLE System & Detachable Straps Integrated: Easy to access or expand functionality.
  • YKK Water Resistant Zipper: Keep your items dry in the pockets.
  • 3M Reflective Pads: Ensures safety at night.

Unlike conventional down jackets that are often bulky, puffy, oversized, and require a base layer to stay warm, HOMI Vest utilizes Japanese Carbon Fiber to give you the toasty vibe while remaining lightweight. Just tap into the power bank and you can begin actively heating yourself up. Made of fire retardant material, you can stay warm without having to worry about a thing.

Carbon fiber heating elements are extremely energy efficient as it is made of 95% pure graphite. It is 6-10 times stronger than steel cable, therefore is able to withstand tumbling and twisting motion in the washer. It doesn’t lose its effectiveness and has a pretty long lifespan. Even if it’s torn, it wouldn’t cause arc faults that could potentially lead to fire hazards. It is one of the safest heating materials on the market.

Made In Japan Quality
To ensure the highest quality and safety, the carbon fiber inside HOMI Vest is made in Japan and has been certified.

Evenly Distributed Heating Pad
We have three heating pads embedded beneath the vest. Two in the lower front and one in the mid-back. This arrangement allows the heat to evenly spread throughout the body.

Cold air displaces warm air. That’s why we placed the heating pad in the lower half of the torso. Once the heating pads are activated, warm air will circulate from the bottom to the top to keep the entire body warm.

Furthermore, the decision to place the heating pad in the mid to lower torso is to allow users to put their hands in the pockets to achieve the hand warming effect.

2 Stage Temperature Control
Layered clothing is a brilliant idea, except that you have to constantly put on and remove the jacket every time there’s a change in climate. With HOMI Vest, you’ll be able to select the optimal temperature with a push of a button, saving you all kinds of trouble.

After extensive research and testing, we found out that the most comfortable and ideal temperature for the human body is 42°C. At this temperature, you’ll be able to cruise through most of the winter with no problem. If the weather gets a little too freezing, activate the 2nd heating stage to reach 46°C, keeping everything warm and toasty.

Auto Shut-off
For the absent minded, we programmed the heater to shut off automatically after one hour of usage. This is to prevent the excess drain of your power bank, and to eliminate any potential safety concerns.

Powered by Power Bank
During our testing, a 10,000 mAh power bank lasts for 7 hours on average under the first stage of heating at 42°C.

Consists of fine microfibers, Thinsulate fabric traps warm air molecules inside the body while allowing the sweat and moisture to evaporate through the membrane. It does not lose its effectiveness even when being machine washed.

1.5 Times Warmer Than Down, Without Sacrificing The Thickness
Compared to down jackets’ puffy oversized look, Thinsulate fabrics are thin and lightweight, while providing up to 1.5 times more warmth compared to down.

To overcome the drastic temperature difference from indoors to outdoors, we made it super quick and intuitive to adjust the temperature with a simple button. Leave your bulky winter jacket behind, HOMI Vest will keep you warm and light this winter.

Machine Washable
Equipped with high tensile strength USB connector cable to withstand the pulling and twisting motions inside the washing machine. 3M Thinsulate fabric is also safe to machine wash without affecting its effectiveness.

The vest's heating connections are IP68 waterproof. IP68 means HOMI can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. Helpful for your more aquatic adventures.

* Kind Reminder: Don’t forget to remove the power bank before washing. Please make sure the USB connector is dried properly before use.*

Categorization is important in the eyes of the professionals. You want to be able to know the exact location of a specific item and reach out to them with ease.

We placed the pocket in intuitive locations and included mesh pockets to separate items like receipts, change, keys and other small ones. There’s no need for a daypack, HOMI Vest frees up your hands with versatile pockets.

Pockets so deep, it fits your portrait lenses.

9 Storage Compartments To Sort Things Out
From DSLR lenses to your headphone earbuds, everything has its place in the HOMI Vest. There are additional mesh pockets built-in to separate small items like coins or receipts. A detachable pouch on the front of the vest is designed to keep your credit cards and IDs. The pouch itself has a hidden pocket to store watches, rings, and other valuables.

3 Multi-Functional System
4 MOLLE straps each with 4 openings allow you to hang sunglasses, flashlights, and other tactical items on the chest. A durable external strap attached with a button is included for attaching thermos or other items. They’re secured by Velcro straps and can withstand up to 11lbs (5KG) of weight.

The surface of HOMI Vest is applied with the highest rated water-repellent coating as well as 3M reflective pads to provide resistance to the natural elements and ensure safety at night.

Water Repellent Coating
Speaking of waterproof, HOMI Vest's outer shell has a water repellent rating of 100. With the highest rated water repellent coating, it can protect your items in the pocket from the elements.

YKK Water Repellent Zippers
The front zippers and side pocket zippers of HOMI Vest feature YKK water-repellent zippers, preventing water from entering the inside of the vest, and keeping the items inside the pockets completely dry.

3M Safety Reflective Pads
Safety is always the number one priority. We understand the risks of doing activities in the dark. That’s why we feature 3M reflective pads with warning triangle signs on the back and side of the vests, increasing your visibility at night even when wearing a backpack.

No matter whether you are an outdoor photographer, a recreational fisherman, a construction worker, or simply a travel enthusiast that requires an outfit that comes in handy, HOMI Vest is ready to get on with your journey!

Outdoor Photographer

HOMI Vest allows you to move around freely and keep you warm and dry. And its multi-functional pockets could store all your lenses so that you can always be ready for unexpected shots.

Recreational Fishermen

HOMI Vest is perfect for fishing lovers due to its water-repellent textures and heating technology, which can keep you warm during the long waiting hours. Most importantly, it features additional pockets for you to store your fishing tackles without hindering your ability to cast the rod.

Construction Worker

HOMI Vest will keep you warm and agile when you have to constantly travel between indoors and outdoors, and it has enough pockets to store all of your handy tools.

Travel Enthusiast

HOMI Vest can handle all scenarios to allow you to travel efficiently. It is lightweight and takes up little space, so you can wear it all day and adjust to temperatures. The pickpocket-proof pockets to store IDs and currencies are also a great help.


HOMI Vest can handle the strongest gust of wind, the sudden drop or increase of temperature. It also has easily accessible pockets to store your essential items during the ride.

It’s a multi-functional, temperature regulating vest designed to overcome drastic temperature changes. With neatly integrated features from temperature control, storage system, to surface fabric treatment, HOMI Vest checks all the boxes as an outdoor performance wear.

OMI is also bluesign and OEKO certified. We manufacture with sustainable materials, and all textiles have been quality tested for safety. That's good news for the Earth!

We started researching heating solutions for apparel a few years back. The winter was so cold at that time, there was a surge of cases where people with cardiovascular diseases passed away. It could've been a totally different situation if only these people had access to temperature regulating clothes.

Once the idea of designing an active temperature regulating clothing was formulated, we took the plunge and began our journey to create HOMI heated clothing. From the early stages of brainstorming to successfully developing the product, it took us every ounce of our effect to ensure every detail, including the design, heating mechanism, water repellency, and many more are up to our standards.

The process of selecting materials, producing the prototype, and finalizing the sizing alone took us well over a year. During this phase, we had to constantly verify and examine if the material came out consistently, if the color difference is within the acceptable range. We believe it’s only reasonable that we create a product that even ourselves can’t find any fault with it. Fortunately, we partnered with an experienced manufacturer in Taiwan. After numerous testings and experimenting, we finally created the HOMI Vest. We hope that when backers receive the vest, they can really feel the efforts that we put into this product, and reimagine their existing idea of what a vest is.

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