HOMI Urban Down Jacket - MA 1 Bomber



HOMI Ultra-Lightweight & All-Weather Down Jackets

Being lovers of exploration, we have designed different jackets for adventures of all types over the years. This season, we present two styles of our HOMI Down Jacket series for all occasions.

The Incredible Down Jacket You've Never Sean

HOMI Tech Down and HOMI MA-1 Bomber emerge as versatile champions, both jackets are engineered to meet the demands of diverse activities.

HOMI MA-1 Bomber is ultra-lightweight and has a slim style that strikes a perfect balance between utility and fashion, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of activities.

Beneath the sleek exterior lies a symphony of innovation—smart insulation that adapts to your body's needs, water-repellent fabrics that defy winter's whims, and a design so refined that it effortlessly transitions from mountain peaks to city streets.

MA-1 Bomber, a classic military-inspired jacket, which incorporates the innovative features of HOMI Tech Down into a stylish yet rugged look. It also includes all the standard functionalities found in the basic Tech Down.

  • 590g 

  • 3M Thinsulate™ Heat Preservation

  • Machine Washable

  • Non-humid Ventilation

  • Anti-theft Pocket

  • YKK Magnetic Zipper

  • 2 Styles

3M Thinsulate™ Equilibrium Design

3M Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation refrains from using any animal feathers, it was engineered by scientists to exceed expectations of warmth. It is as lightweight as a natural down, highly breathable and provides extreme warmth for extreme conditions. In addition, it does not contain allergens that natural downs do.

Consisting of fine microfibers, 3M Thinsulate™ fabric traps warm air molecules inside the body while allowing the sweat and moisture to evaporate through the membrane, making sure it doesn’t lose its effectiveness even when washed by machines. 

1.5 Times Warmer Than Down
Without Sacrificing The Thickness

Compared to down jackets’ puffy oversized look, Thinsulate fabrics are thin and lightweight, while providing up to 1.5 times more warmth compared to a normal down.

If you’re wondering how HOMI’s down jackets are so light and non-humid, it’s built in with 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation that utilizes micro-aerodynamics to ventilate, maximize heat circulation, and enhance heat preservation by 1.5 times, that reduces the redundant filling weight of feathers. 

Lightweight and heat circulation make HOMI down jackets outstanding and solve old problems. HOMI’s down jackets combine style & functionality, a non-humid unique equilibrium distribution design that integrates micro-aerodynamics allows heat to stay central and circulated, whilst moisture quickly dissipates. No need to take off jackets indoors and no more sweating. 

YKK Auto-Positioning Magnetic Zippers

Revolutionizing the act of fastening, our innovative zippers are designed to transcend traditional mechanics. HOMI's Tech Down & MA-1 Bomber jackets feature automatic positioning zip-ups of YKK water-repellent zippers that support magnetic adhesion to seamlessly keep them in position without needing to take off your gloves. 

These zippers are practical and hassle-free even when donned in winter gloves - your hands stay warm without needing to take off your gloves anytime! They embody functional fashion, and make every closure a smooth and satisfying encounter.  

A fusion of style and functionality, HOMI Down jackets this season embody adaptability required for any adventure, be it a leisurely journey, a camping escapade, a sporting endeavor, or an ascent into the mountains. 

HOMI MA-1 Bomber

HOMI's MA-1 Bomber, its concave-convex design in the lining fabric enhances interior heat circulation, following the friction minimizing concept on the surface of golf balls. slim design and thoughtfully integrated travel pockets. The slim fit of the jacket not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures a modern and streamlined silhouette. 


World's Lightest MA-1 Flight Jacket

In contrast to traditional Bomber jackets, the MA-1 is notably lighter, weighing in at just 590g for a size L, our HOMI MA-1 shaves off a whole third of that weight and still packs a punch in warmth. They might look similar on the outside, but it's what's inside that sets us apart!

Anti-theft Pockets

We've kept the iconic silhouette of the MA-1 because we love its timeless style. So, we switched up the buttons for magnetic snaps – easy access when you need it, and with a zippered pocket inside for extra security.

With the zipper open, you've got the handy magnetic pocket, and when closed, it doubles as a stealthy anti-theft feature. Smart and stylish.

Breathable Innovation :

The MA-1 Jacket's Airflow Revolution

The MA-1 Bomber's lining has a unique textured design that boosts air circulation inside, keeping things breezy and comfortable.

The dimpled fabric of our jacket is designed to improving airflow (kinda like the low-friction magic on a golf ball). This not only amps up the jacket's breathability but also gives the MA-1 a techy edge and that cool, unique vibe we're always aiming for.

80/20 Ultimate Water Resistance

HOMI Tech Down fabric sets a new standard for 80/20 water resistance level, outshining traditional materials often found in jackets with a 70 nylon composition that tends to be shiny, wrinkled, and thin.  HOMI fabric boasts a sophisticated matte texture and incorporates a cutting-edge 3,000 Mm2 PTFE Membrane, making it both water-resistant and breathable.

This advanced membrane not only enhances the jacket's ability to repel water but also ensures breathability, allowing moisture to escape. In addition to its water-resistant qualities, the fabric is designed to be durable, standing up to the rigors of diverse environments and activities. The HOMI MA-1 fabric redefines expectations, offering a superior combination of style, functionality, and resilience in outerwear.

Upgraded storage for everyday use

MA-1 Bomber has multiple embedded details to offer - Front chest pockets provide convenient and secure storage for essentials like wallets and phones, while lower wrist pockets offer easy access to cards. Additional pockets on the upper arms provide designated spaces for keys, ensuring a well-organized and accessible setup. Making your commuting and traveling a breeze.

The main side pockets further contribute to the jacket's utility, accommodating larger items with ease. A distinctive D-shaped ring on the left arm serves as a practical attachment point for identification gadgets or other accessories, adding a touch of functionality to the MA-1 Bomber's sleek and travel-ready design.

Machine Washable

We all know not to put our products down into the machines! After a regular washing, regular downs absorb water and turn into a heavy clump of polyester and feathers. HOMI Tech Down is crafted from durable materials designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear, it’s machine washable and uses 0% animal feathers, eliminating the issue of flattened feathers that tend to become looser over time. It has exceptional water-resistant design, and water-absorbing capacity of less than 1%, maintaining its structure and form. No fear of collapsing into a hard ball! 

* The MA-1 jacket come in a unisex style and are generally a tad roomy. For a more fitted feel, you might take one size smaller than your usual.


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