Are you always worried about what to wear and what to bring on a journey? Whether you are a working voyager, globetrotter or just planning another day out of town, and you're wondering what the secret is to modern traveling - we think we've got it - and can't wait to share with you: travel with the right tools, the ONE right bag that solves your problem.

Leave behind the stress and complications of carrying multiple side bags, phone straps, and laptop carriers. You never know what comes up in your journey, and extra hands aren't always available! Sore shoulders and back aches are a pain - We have now launched a brand new travel tool, HOMI ONE BAG  - designed to make your journey stylish and effortless. You can leave behind the stress and complications of carrying multiple side bags, phone straps, and laptop carriers. No more loose supplements or unnecessary weight.

Embrace the simplicity of packing and enjoy a streamlined travel experience. With its versatile design and functionality, our ONE BAG is the perfect companion for those seeking effortless style and practicality on their journeys.

Our revolutionary design combines work and exploration in one versatile bag. With two separate and detachable bags WORK & EXPLORE, you can effortlessly transit between professional tasks and adventurous pursuits.

ONE BAG is ergonomically designed and durable. Its exterior is water-repellent and crafted with CORDURA® Super Wear-Resistant fabric, it's built to withstand the toughest adventures. Zippers on ONE BAG are equipped with YKK zippers for enhanced reliability.

CORDURA® fabric is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Combined with a water-repellent treatment, it provides added protection against moisture and enhances the bag's performance. ONE BAG refrains from using common PU (polyurethane) materials, which become brittle over time, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures. ONE BAG assures that there will be no embrittlement issues even after prolonged storage.

Effortlessly transform a single bag into two separate entities in a mere five seconds. With our intuitive design, disassembling becomes a breeze, offering enhanced functionality and adaptability for your diverse needs. Experience the convenience of seamless transformation with our innovative bag.

We invited avid travelers to experience our prototypes, and their response was overwhelmingly positive! They fell in love with the innovative design, exceptional functionality, and durability of our ONE BAG. Begin your journey and discover a new level of travel satisfaction with our exceptional gear.

With ONE BAG, seamless transitions between work and exploration are just a blink away! This versatile companion empowers you to effortlessly switch gears, whether you're headed to the office or embarking on an adventure.

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Embrace the ultimate convenience and peace of mind with our EXPLORE bag. Designed with a single main space, it streamlines your packing process, reducing unnecessary layers and overall weight. Revel in the simplicity of a wide, uncluttered space that eliminates the need for meticulous organization.

EXPLORE is designed to be expandable (from 18L to28L), has multipurpose pockets on the front and side, and can even be worn in 4 ways! With integrated pressure-reducing design, you can travel in comfort, free from the burden of heavy loads. Experience hassle-free adventures with EXPLORE, where simplicity meets functionality for an unparalleled journey.

When traveling, the struggle to find the right balance between space and size of your backpack can be daunting. But with EXPLORE, those worries fade away. EXPLORE minimizes to provide a sleek and compact look, yet can be effortlessly expanded to accommodate all your essentials.

Experience the freedom of hiding your shoulder straps while utilizing the spacious interior to its fullest potential. Embrace versatility and convenience with our backpack's hidden shoulder strap design and ample storage space from 18L to 28L. EXPLORE gives you the freedom to adjust your carrying capacity on the go, ensuring that you have exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Say goodbye to the burden of overpacking or running out of space, and embark on your adventures with confidence and ease.

EXPLORE bag has remarkable capacity, where you can effortlessly fit three jackets, two long-sleeved T-shirts, three regular T-shirts, denim pants, shorts, and even a pair of thick socks—all in one go! Embrace the freedom of carrying everything you need in a single bag, redefining convenience for your adventures.

Embark on your travels with confidence and tranquility! EXPLORE is your ultimate storage solution, offering unmatched organization and convenience. With its thoughtfully designed pockets and durable construction, it ensures that all your essentials are secure and easily accessible. Travel with ease, knowing that EXPLORE has got you covered!

With EXPLORE, you can effortlessly bring your stabilizer or tripod on your adventures. Secure them to the flexible hanger straps on the front. EXPLORE empowers you to carry and organize your essentials without compromise. 

EXPLORE is meticulously designed to cater to all your everyday needs. Whether you're embarking on adventurous explorations, heading out for sports, or simply running errands, this bag adapts seamlessly to any activity.

With its versatile design, it offers four different carrying options: side back, slant back, back, and hand-held. When not in use, the back and shoulder straps can be easily stored by converting them into side pockets.

Time to work during your travels? No need to carry your entire luggage when heading to a park, cafe, or a cozy spot in the city for a conference call.

Unburden yourself by shedding off the EXPLORE compartment and walk lightly, feeling as fresh as if you were in the office. WORK has multiple compartments, yet is lightweight and designed to minimize space on your back, with comfortable back cushion design and a convenient luggage strap. Streamline your journey and embrace the simplicity of a single bag for your on-the-go needs.

Are you tired of lugging around bulky bags that take up unnecessary space? Designed to fit seamlessly onto your back and in your seat, the slim and sleek vest-style bag WORK, is all you need for your essential items. With its slim and compact shape, you can easily maneuver through trains, trams, buses, and bustling streets.

Work with ease, stay lightweight, and fully prepared. Our WORK bag carries ALL and ONLY what you need, without any redundant space that adds extra weight!

WORK is meticulously designed to be both stylish and practical. With carefully organized pockets and compartments, it effortlessly accommodates everything you need for the next conference call or work on the spot. 

 Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance carrying your essentials in an effortless style!

We understand the desire for a backpack that minimizes contact with your back. WORK is designed to minimize contact with your back, maximize air circulation and eliminate sweat. WORK makes sure there’s no more discomfort with its reduced back support and pressure, providing just the right amount of support for long hours. Enjoy a cool and refreshed journey as heat surfaces and moisture escape easily.

Luggage strap at the back allows you to securely fasten your backpack to your luggage. No more juggling multiple bags or worrying about carrying everything separately.

Afraid of always being hands full during your travels? Need a second hand while you navigate your way? Stay hands-free and on the go with the Quick View Pouch. Whether you need to find your way, check the time, or reply to messages, it allows you to conveniently access your phone without using an extra hand.

It can be opened 45 degrees, providing a quick and effortless peek. Enjoy the freedom and convenience of staying connected while keeping your hands free.

Carry your belongings in the way that suits you best with our versatile pouch. Attach it to the shoulder strap, wear it on your waist, strap it to the side, or secure it to the ONE BAG. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the most comfortable and convenient carrying style for your needs.

No need to worry about not having extra hands or not having extra help to carry loose gadgets! Attach your quick view pouch anywhere and take sneak peeks whenever you need!

Don’t want to be a big target for pickpockets amongst crowds? Travel light and hassle-free with just your phone, cards, car keys, AirPods, and passport all in one small Pouch & Wallet!

HOMI’s Quick View Pouch includes multiple organizing compartments where you can put in all your travel essentials! The waterproof pocket inside keeps your phone safe and visible in wet weather! At the back of the pouch is an open pocket for your easy-to-get airpods or small charger.

In addition, ONE BAG comes with a foldable waterproof bag for groceries or extras. This versatile bag doubles as a waterproof cover on ONE BAG during heavy rains, keeping your belongings safe and dry! Experience the convenience and protection of our waterproof solution, ensuring your items stay secure in any weather condition. From everyday adventures to rainy days, we've got you covered.