SUSTAIN Utility Heated Jacket - Pro / Lite - Black / Navy


HOMI|The Adventure Jacket Powered by Japanese Carbon Fiber

This is the ultimate jacket that is full of features and functions but yet designed minimally. Simple and minimal lines on the outside, details all over the jacket inside out.

The HEATCOREs in the front could be adjusted up and down to warm up lower abs or just below the chests, the HEATCORE at the back could be adjusted to the below or the center of the spine area.

Waterproof and water repellent outer layer provides a comfortable wearing condition without getting wet and soaked.

3M Ultra thin filling provides 1.5X the warmth of regular down, efficiently keeps the heat inside the vest while still keeping the vest lightweight.

Removable hoodie is also lined with 3M fillings, an additional nose and mouth cover that keeps the facial area warm, as it covers up to the nose, this is extremely important for extreme outdoorers and climbers.

Various pockets that store from a 10" iPad to dedicated credit card pockets. Total 12 pockets.

The ventilation system pushes moist and excessive heat out from the sides under the armpit area, perfectly designed for climbers that have the need to be kept warm and pushes moist out at the same time.

Perfect for frequent travellers where all your belongings from wallets, passport, keys and tickets to be well organized in its own dedicated space.

Light weight but yet warm to keep you agile and move around without weighing on your body.
- 12 pockets, largest fits 10" iPad
- 3x Carbon fiber heat cores
- MOLLE system
- 3M ultra thin fillings
- Light weight
- Windproof
- Waterproof & water repellent
- extended mouth & nose cover



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