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Dressing in multilayers is how we keep ourselves warm—a thin base layer, a sweater, and a jacket, and we’re all good for the crisp and chill. However, when we enter an indoor space or sweat during exercise, we started to feel too warm, damp, and stuffy. When this happens, it is not so convenient to take the long underwear off in public or to move around with heavy outerwear in hand. 

We're here to make things easier. 

We created BASE+ base layer with the vision to revolutionize the concept of everyday wear and layering clothing. Unlike conventional thermals, BASE+ base layer can cut down your apparel, keeping you comfy and active from fall to spring, from outdoor to indoor.


We took inspiration from the concept of mountaineering layering and assembled the key elements—moisture wicking, heat regualting, and outer protection—into one design, using the double layer structure to leverage the strength of each textile.

HOMI BASE+’s double layer design integrates various features into one piece. The outer layer gives your body the basic protection against the outside world; the inner layer provides everything you want from next to skin clothing; the additional far infrared fabric used in highlighted areas helps improve blood circulation.

Moisture Wicking & Breathable

Feel fresh and clean at all times

Does your long underwear make you feel stifling and constrictive sometimes? Then try HOMI BASE+. The special fabric used for its inner layer has a similar fiber structure to Merino wool, which performs superbly in moisture wicking and breathability. 

Our fabric is excellent in dispersing and spreading the moisture out, transporting moisture away and activating evaporative cooling. So when your body releases moisture or perspiration, they will be transported away as vapors immediately, keeping you cool and dry.

Thermal Insulating & Regulating

Retaining heat the professional way

Our body temperature changes during and after we exercise, and usually we have to adjust ourselves to feel comfortable by constantly taking off or putting on clothes. Now, BASE+ is here to handle all the work with SUSTAIN THERMO TECH. 

Preventing the heat from escaping is the core of SUSTAIN THERMO TECH. In addition to the fine fibers that trap body heat, the double layer structure creates an in-shirt insulation space that retains the warm air, keeping you snug and flexible. 

Hypoallergenic & Soft Texture

No pesky pilling after washing

We make sure that the inner layer of BASE+ is smooth and sleek, touching your skin gently enough just like your favorite undershirt. The skin-friendly fabric is soft, stretchy, and doesn’t pill. It remains smooth after the wash, causing no itchy feelings.

Taking Thermal Experience to the Next Level

As shoulders and elbow joints get cold the fastest and heat up the slowest in our upper body, we add an additional far infrared layer to these parts to provide extra protection. It helps strengthen your overall circulation and relax tight shoulder muscles.

The far infrared fabric can absorb, emit, and reflect far infrared rays from the human body. The ray can go through the skin to resonate and generate heat, which boosts blood flow and relieves muscle pain. 

This additional fabric provides extra warmth, optimum thermal performance, and muscle relaxation without disturbing the other features provided by the base layer fabric.

Antimicrobial & Anti-Odor

Silver Nano fights against the unpleasant

The excellent wicking ability of the base layer keeps the fabric dry, which already stops the odor-causing factors from thriving. In addition to that, we apply the Silver Nano clothing technology to the outer fabric.

Silver nanoparticles reduce the factors that cause undesirable smells by penetrating their cell wall. With this antimicrobial shield, you can walk around feeling jaunty and clean.

Wind & Sun Resistant

Fewer worries on the road

No matter if you are biking in the city, running in the evening, or hiking on a sunny day, BASE+ protects your skin from chills and ultraviolet rays. The double layer structure not only provides UPF 50+ sun protection but also blocks mild winds. 

BASE+ is a T-shirt that you can wear comfortably from day to night, from fall to spring. And it is durable and easy to take care of! 

Zippered Sleeve Pocket

Keep your valuable necessities at hand

BASE+ brings you not only comfort but also convenience. Without disturbing the shirt's silhouette, we added a hidden pocket with YKK zippers to the left sleeve. This tiny pocket is ideal for your essential items, such as cards, wireless earbuds, or bills. It can be very handy when you are on the move!

Reflective Stripes

Functional adornment for your safety

When jogging or biking during nighttime, we often need to pay close attention to vehicles coming from our side. To improve the wearers’ safety, we added reflective stripes to the cuff. The reflection will move along with your swinging arms to increase your visibility from various angles.


  • Unisex design with a hidden pocket on the left sleeve.
  • For regular fit, it’s recommended to choose one size bigger than what you normally wear. If you prefer slim fit, you may choose the size you usually wear. 
  • Laundry Care: Machine Washable / Dry Normal Low Heat / Do Not Bleach



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