HOMI Summer Cordura short sleeves, featuring soft yet resilient CORDURA NATURELLE, breathable, UV protection and quick dry.


Exclusive design features 2 air vent pockets that enhances air circulation and pushes out humid and warm air.


Summer is the season of outdoor exploring! As outdoor lovers ourselves, we aim to create a good activewear that is light but durable enough to last, flexible yet tough enough to be protective, comfortable like our favorite T-shirt but more functional. After lots of research, we finally found a perfect fabric - CORDURA NATURALLE that does it all to combine with our design, creating the perfect activewear for all the explorers out there! 

When you think of CORDURA fabrics, the first thing that comes to your mind is the heavy duty, robust, hard and tough items like bags, shoes or military grade gears. But did you know, the same level of toughness can be applied to the next-to-skin kind of comfort?

In the era when fast fashion is taking over, we still believe strongly in long lasting apparel tailored with carefully selected, optimal material and ergonomic design. The durability is not just a slogan, we put the fabric through various times of harsh tests and made sure that it remained the same texture, flexibility and form.

HOMI Activewear is made to be enduring, and with its versatility, you’ll soon realize it can replace all the outfits that you wear just once, being forgotten deep in your closet.

Fabric is the soul of every clothing. For HOMI Activewear, we choose CORDURA NATURALLE: great durability of nylon, yet light in weight with soft touch. The stylish matte finish that stands out from the traditional sportswear that only makes sense in gym or trails. From your wild adventures to urban life, you can have them all under the HOMI Activewear.

When it’s tough on the outside, it doesn’t always have to be rough on the inside. While keeping the exceptional durability, there’s no compromise on the skin-friendly texture. Forget your past impression of functional wear, and get ready for the lightness and comfort that you’ve never experienced before.

4-way stretch means a fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise. Unlike most stiff heavy duty textiles, CORDURA NATURALLE has great flexibility that allows you to complete movements such as jumping, running, and biking through different kinds of scenarios but under the same level of protection.


HOMI Activewear is born to enhance your performance when you’re venturing out. The stretchy fabric gives you the possibility to run fast, jump high and go far without limit.


Every clothing has some degree of sun protection, but we know for outdoor activity lovers, we require more than the standard.

Forget about post processing coating, we want to provide a more permanent, and natural approach while maintaining the same sun protection effect. Usually the tighter the weave is, the better UV protection it has, but the harder it will be for the air and heat to evacuate. Through the innovative weaving techniques, CORDURA NATURALLE achieves a criss-cross pattern to effectively block the UV rays meanwhile leaving enough space to make the fabric breathable: moisture can also affect a fabric’s UPF, dry garments are generally more protective than those same pieces once they are wet.

Firm Yet Breathable Weave


In summer, it’s all about keeping fresh under the heat. And moisture regulation is the key.

Many cooling outfits with additional treatment only feel cool under room temperature, when the sunlight isn’t reflecting on the fabric. The treatment will also wear off gradually after laundry, and it might even block the pores of fabric, making the clothing less breathable.

That’s why we’re aiming for the cooling effect that lasts longer and works more effectively: a design that allows airflow applying on the right kind of fabric that contains higher moisture regain, without extra treatment to have a cooler feel.

Quick Dry & Moisture Wicking

Your body feels fresh when the fabric is not sticking to your skin when you start sweating. The special woven checkered pattern gives more space between the fabric and your skin, making the texture similar to cotton but doesn’t stick when it’s moist. It also allows the moisture to evaporate and keeps your outfit dry and fresh. No sticky feelings and no more bad smell lingering!

The heat and steam accumulated in your shirt tend to find its way out through your collar and cuffs, that’s why you tend to pull your shirt when you’re overheating. But no need to do so with HOMI Activewear, the side pockets we designed open up exits for the steamy hot air to evacuate before it goes all the way up. When you open the side pockets, air will flow through to form a natural circulation, taking away the heat and moisture from your body and your top/shorts, giving you the refreshing cool feel like never before.

Heat Goes Out & Air Flows In 

Once you unzip the pockets, you can lock back the button in the middle to maintain the shape in place and keep your look in style without affecting the airflow.

Anytime is a great time to do exercise, though when the sky gets dim, keeping your visibility is the top rule for your safety. To do so, we designed reflective stripes to the cuff of the top or the pocket rim of the shorts and the reflection will move along with your movement to increase your visibility from various angles. So you can do your evening bike ride or night jog in peace.

From short sleeves to long sleeves, from sporty themes to casual looks, we’ve got everything for everyone. Mix and match to fit your style.

Back to the basics, this is the must-have outfit in everyone’s closet. We offer Casual styles with the choices of crew neck and V neck. You can easily rock the Movement Short Sleeves T as a base layer for outdoor activities or daily wear.

Casual Style - This style is all about comfort. It features a relaxed fit with designed cuffs and hem for a laid-back look.

Sport Style - Tailored for a closer fit, this style includes reflective strips on both sides for better visibility during your active pursuits.

After many years of designing thermal apparel, we’re here to redefine the summer outfit with the top quality and high standard that we’ve always stressed on. Summer outfits seem a lot simpler than the complex design of our past products, but we learned that the details are just as many to keep the best experience for wearers.

Starting from the very essential of any clothing- the fabric. We looked into so many different kinds of textile that we lost count, and put them through the toughest quest that you probably can’t imagine, such as 50,000 times of abrasion, tumble pilling, tensile strength and snagging tests etc. All these tests to see how well the fabric can handle tough conditions, and maintain the same shape, color and quality. Finally, we were very satisfied with the CORDURA NATURALLE, which went through all the harsh experiments, but possessing the soft comfort that is almost like your favorite T-shirt.

We made our clothing long lasting not only because of its durability, but also its subtly stylish look that makes you shine during your workouts, adventures and even urban life, so you only need this top to match all the occasions. All our production matches the bluesign standard, ensuring that our production is sustainable and energy-efficient. 

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