HOMI TheHoodm Tech Hoodie - fully zipped hoodie



  • Flexible & stretch Bamboo charcoal induced far infra red fabrics
  • Quick front phone pockets with silent closure
  • Side long pockets fit a folded umbrella, water bottle or selfie stick
  • Highest grade water repellency
  • Adjustable hood with hidden magnetic mask
  • 360 Reflective design for better safety at night
  • zipped side pockets & 2 large inner pockets

Being lovers of exploration, we have designed different jackets for adventures of all types over the years. This time, we’re back with a new hoodie that meets your everyday wear and functions.

This Tech Hoodie Combines top-notch materials, advanced technology and our experience in apparel design, HOMI TheHood will be your new all time favorite outerwear with style and great functionality. HOMI TheHood is versatile enough to be your everyday jacket and tactical jacket that handles the unpredictable weather conditions when you’re out and about. From chilly days to rainy hours to windy moments, HOMI TheHood shelters you with comfort.

HOMI TheHood tech hoodie is designed to be the ultimate tactical jacket for every day. It is perfect to wear when you’re on the move as the fabric has high stretchability, and its far infrared self-heating function keeps the cold away while maintaining exceptional breathability. To adapt to the habits of modern life, we designed dedicated quick access pockets that fit your essentials perfectly. Just one jacket to keep you comfy, protected and prepared.

Versatile Pockets for Easy Storage

When venturing out, it’s always better to keep it light, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on the crucial EDC objects. In HOMI TheHood, you can find various practical pockets to help you carry all the essentials without a backpack. These pockets allow quick access to your essentials and offer complete coverage and protection of your important items.

he tailor-made size EDC pockets with upward opening and allows great protection and quick access to your frequently used items. 

Different from the traditional velcro that is noisy every time you open and close, our quick access pockets are equipped with silent velcro which closes seamlessly without a sound, and it makes your pocket neat and flat.

Silent velcros keep your pockets quietly stylish, no noise and no bulk.

The pull is well hidden beneath the opening, which is easy for the user to locate but difficult for the pickpockets to spot.

For the main pockets on both sides, we applied anti-theft zippers that keeps your belongings guarded safely.

HOMI TheHood also has massive storage spaces, we designed 8 pockets in total so you can easily carry all the essentials in just one jacket without an extra bag.

Built-In Face Mask

Face mask works as a protection against all sorts: cold, rain, snow, or even viruses during this post-pandemic era. It also functions as a scarf that covers up the area from your nose to the neck, one less thing you need to carry around!

It also has a magnetic closure system which quickly closes together to cover your face and snaps into the hood when not in use.

Water Repellent & Windproof Outer Layer

Get caught up in the sudden rain? HOMI TheHood is here to save the day. We applied a PFC-Free DWR finish to the outermost fabric so that water beads off and rolls off, keeping you comfortably dry even encountering some rain.

Be it a casual stroll or morning jog, HOMI TheHood moves with you and gives you the flexibility to complete all your favorite activities without being stiff and limited.

Along with the 2-way zipper, HOMI TheHood allows greater freedom of movements and provides easier control to body temperature by opening the lower portion.

The hood is adjustable and made to fit all head sizes. Furthermore, when expanded to the biggest, even if you tie a ponytail or wear a cap, the hood will fit comfortably.

Unbuckle the buttons to expand the hood.

The reflective stripe goes around the body so you can be seen from every angle at night. We added 2 triangular shaped reflective patches to further increase the visibility.


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