TheHood Pro - All weather waterproof jacket

TheHood Pro - All weather waterproof jacket

March 25, 2024


HOMI TheHood Pro is designed to handle all the difficult weather conditions without compromising comfort and style. The waterproof rating is a solid 20,000mm that keeps you dry under downpours for a long period of time. Numbers don’t lie, but we also know that they don’t tell the whole story.

Of all the waterproof jackets out there, we noticed that water doesn’t penetrate into the jackets, but it doesn’t really go away either. So the wearer is still far from being dry and fresh. This is why we spent months designing and upgrading our waterproofness!

Triple Layer Lamination

While waterproof jackets effectively keep the water out, it’s crucial to wick the moisture from your body to really keep you dry and comfortable. HOMI TheHood Pro is lined with 3 layers of laminates, making it waterproof, windproof and breathable at the same time.

The special fabric used for its lining has a similar fiber structure to Merino wool, which has a superb moisture vapor transmission rate of 20,000g/m²/24h, making HOMI TheHood Pro extremely breathable.

The far infrared treated lining generates warmth with the natural heat from your body without any use of battery. A thin layer of air is formed between the lining and the waterproof membrane, allowing great ventilation and wicking the moisture to make you comfortably dry inside out.

Rapid Flow™ Quick Dry System

What makes a jacket resistant to water depends on the waterproof membrane on the back of the fabric. So the fabric itself is not really waterproof, the added DWR coating can only keep away light showers, water will still saturate under a longer period of time and with higher water pressure. And when this happens, even your skin is not really wet, but the water absorbed will make your jacket heavy and less breathable.

Therefore we designed a unique drainage system Rapid Flow™ to quickly remove the moisture from the surface of the jacket and speed up the drying process to really make the wearer feel comfortable.

Rain usually hits the hood and drips from the entire brim, affecting the sight and making the face wet. HOMI TheHood Pro’s brim guides the water and avoids dripping from the middle . For more protection, you can also use the built-in face mask.

Brim: HOMI TheHood Pro’s brim has a folded design that forms a thin channel, collecting the rain to slide down from both sides and avoids the middle naturally.

To avoid rain going through the whole body before it leaves completely, we designed a rain deflection stripe at the chest as a block.

Chest: The rain stops at the deflection stripe and flows towards the armpit and goes away, reducing the chance of moisture saturation.

The water only drips from the upper back and with the rest of the area remaining dry.

Upper back: The upper back section is designed to be slightly stuck out on top of the fabric at the middle and lower back, allowing it to work like an umbrella.

Cuff and rim are the places where you get the most moisture accumulation. To wick the moisture, we created tiny holes with laser to let water drain through and make them dry faster.

Cuff and rim: The laser cut, tiny holes allow the moisture to leave the jacket fast, keeping this area dry effectively.

With the adjustable cuff, you can tighten it to avoid wind or water going in when venturing out, making HOMI TheHood Pro truly waterproof and windproof.

Needle stitching leaves small holes in the garment through which water can seep when worn in wet conditions. That’s why taping seams is also the key to complete waterproofness, making sure that there’s no missing spaces for water to get in.

Stay comfortably dry and keep your jacket long lasting with the watertight taped seams.

Details that Makes the Difference

HOMI TheHood Pro is not only waterproof, it’s also equipped with various features that truly elevate your wearing experience and convenience!

Together with HOMI TheHood Pro, Base+ is an interior piece that gives you premium comfort. The next-to-skin touch allows you to wear it standalone, and it’s packed with awesome features such as moisture wicking, breathable and temperature regulating with its partial far infrared care. For more details, check out HOMI Base+.