CoreStand Wireless Charger ( qi wireless charging )

CoreStand Wireless Charger is a wireless height adjustable charging base + aluminum stand. Charging base could be adjusted to align with devices of different sizes. CoreStand Wireless Charger can be used with all devices that support QI wireless charging.

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        1. Input : 5V / 1.8A
        2. Output : 5V / 1A
        3. Size : 93.7 x 78.3 x 124.8mm
        4. Weight : 265g (Net Weight)
        1. Samsung : Note7 / S5 / S6 / S7 etc.
        2. Nokia : Lumia 950 / Lumia 830 / Lumia 735 etc.
        3. Google : Nexus5 / Nexus6 / Nexus7 etc.
        4. More Devices
        5. *Apple iPhones will require a qi compatible case Slim Jacket for iPhone6 & 6s
          1.  Corebasic x1 Aluminum Stand x1     Adapter x1        USB Cable x1
        1. Worldwide EMS standard shipping for orders up to USD 149 ( USD 15)
        2. Free shipping worldwide for orders over USD 150



CoreStand was designed with the everyday workplace in mind. With a great viewing angle, your phone can stay docked and charging all while being fully available for calls, emails, texts, snapchats, tweets, instagram, selfies, aol, friendster, xanga, etc...Just a perfect place to rest your phone in the office away from the clutter.






WPC qi V1.1.2 Certified
Adjustable Charger
Washable High - Viscosity PU Mat





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