Wireless Charging Set - Wireless 2Way Slim Jacket + FabricDock (Cool Gray)

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Wireless 2Way Slim Jacket
For tougher iPhone living, we added an extra layer of protection to provide our Wireless Slim Jacket iPhone case. You can choose to use with the TPU jacket off to enjoy its slim design while still protects the back and the 4 vital corners. Putting on the TPU jacket, it becomes a tougher protective case that is more shock resistant and provides a firmer grip yet still does not add too much bulk. (Available in iPhone 6/6s.)
Designed with linen, our FabricDock features a modern and minimal look to seamlessly blend in and charge in any environment.Our flagship design.


    1.  FabricDock Wireless 2Way Slim Jacket
      1. Input : 5V / 1.8A
      2. Output : 5V / 1A
      3. Size : 73 x 11 x 140 mm
      4. Weight : 79 g (Net Weight)
      1. Input : 5V / 1000mA
      2. Output : 5V / 1000mA
      3. Size : 70 x 153 x 13mm
      4. Weight : 65 g (Net Weight)
    1. Samsung : Note7 / S5  / S6 / S7 etc.
    2. Nokia : Lumia 950 / Lumia 830 / Lumia 735 etc.
    3. Google : Nexus5 / Nexus6 / Nexus7 etc.
    4. More Devices
    1.  FabricDock x1 USB Cable x1     Adapter x1
      TPU Outer Jacket x1
      Charging Case x1
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WPC qi V1.1.2 Certified
(FabricDock & Slim Jacket)
120cm Durable Nylon Cord
Ultra Protection
(Slim Jacket)
Micro USB Port
(Slim Jacket)






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