HOMI - 30 years of wires and more wires

HOMI - 30 years of wires and more wires

June 08, 2017

Ever since the first mobile phone launched in 1984, mobile technology has advanced in virtually every area except for that one game that one time that rhymes with slappy tird and having to use a wire to charge your phone.

We've been waiting for a simple and cool solution but nothing on the market seems to target the home, car, and office in a modern and efficient way. With qi as the current standard, we felt that the time was way overdue for a complete wireless solution for our mobile phones, especially for us iPhone users!


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Our qi wireless charging solutions are compatible with

  1. Samsung : Note7 / S5 / S6 / S7 etc.
  2. Nokia : Lumia 950 / Lumia 830 / Lumia 735 etc.
  3. Google : Nexus5 / Nexus6 / Nexus7 etc.
  4. More Devices